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Emery Nemisis Surfboard

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DISCLAIMER: All surfboards are available for local delivery in the Illawarra region or pick up in store.

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The name is deceiving.The Nemesis is NOT your enemy, it is however, everyone else’s! You will be catching a lot more waves and surfing them to maximum potential. No one likes a show off.

Nemesis has been designed with the smaller days in mind. That said, it will hold in anything up to solid 6 foot. The short stubby outline is perfect for getting through flat sections. Combining a straight outline through the tail with a swallow tail, allows for a tight pivot point, giving you the opportunity to turn at a moments notice. The flat deck holds volume under your front foot but moving out to a mid rail eliminates any chance of bogging rail. A single concave, moving into a vee with a deep double concave makes the Nemesis very drivey.

Nemesis, not your enemy, everyone else’s!

Fins sold separately.