INMINDSEYE is an alternative label that represents the ‘coastal millennial’. Their designs fuse together grunge, surf-wear and street style aesthetics, creating a look that is distinctively alt and very aligned with the rise of vaporwave’s retro-futuristic culture.  Produced in both Australia and its birthplace, Bali, the clothing label sports distressed designs and angsty taglines that epitomise a raw blend between surf and street influences. From t-shirts to trunks, INMINDSEYE isn’t short on variety. Though they’re not what you might traditionally associate with surfwear, it is this kind of uniquely millennial revamping of the surfwear image that will put it back into the mainstream. The brand that creates super limited and exclusive unisex clothing.

The vibe is punk, death, smiley faces and surf. It’s lo-fi, it’s evil, it’s sexy.